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Comfort laying in the undertow; - Kira - 10-04-2020

Standing still, pointed toward the sun

Next to the delectable treats the citizens of Atollon had arranged, Kira basked within the evening light. She had stolen moments between socializing to check in with Revan in private, allowing them both a moment to breathe and to snatch a second of quiet. She was overwhelmed in the best of ways, the sweet smells, the pitter patter of drums, the whistle of flutes. Her other moments apart from the crowd were spent grinning, doing her utmost to master short traditional phrases native to Atollon.

It was easy to exist with these people, and she was high upon new flavors and bubbly drinks by the time evening rolled around. She was exhausted, but it was a heavy weariness that she knew meant she would sleep soundly that night, perhaps without a care in the world.

Now, she toted around some fruit-flavored water sweetened with a grainy, melt in your mouth sugar. The new queen nursed at it as she sifted through people with a smile, noting that the dancing had quieted, the chatter had lulled to a hum, and there was something a great deal calmer to the festivities. Some had headed off to bed, while others still milled about in small clusters.

What she didn’t expect was to see a familiar, winged body settled off to the side—looking rather languid and content in the flickering torchlight, a plate with half-eaten contents balanced on a nearby, wooden table. And Kira couldn’t stop the broad, girlish smile that spread over her lips.

“Gale?” she called. Her voice was somewhat throaty and overused, but it did nothing to dampen her excitement as she crossed the distance between them. It was a lucky thing that Twig had elected to stay behind, because she hadn’t the slightest doubt that he would’ve ecstatically harassed the stallion and his giant, grey wings.

He wasn’t the first familiar face that she’d found this evening, and she was beside herself with the happy fortune of it—Revan had been just enough to take off the edge of terror, but Alurai’s familiar smile, and now Galahad’s lingering presence, was an added boost of confidence that she hadn’t known she’d needed.

Beaming as she sidled up beside him, her hazel eyes wearily surveying the people that trickled in and out of the blue, glowing water, she cocked her head in his direction as she smiled.

“You’re the second familiar face I’ve seen here—sorry that I didn’t find you earlier,” she chimed by way of greeting. “How are you? Enjoying yourself?”


RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Galahad - 10-29-2020

He had certainly let his eyes grow larger than his stomach. Despite the amount of food that balanced on his plate, he found his nervousness taking over, and all he could do was pick at it carefully while trying to stay out of the way of the other attendants. The dancers, especially. They seemed to be a wild bunch...

The bird carefully set his half eaten plate to the side, nudging it onto a small side table with the tip of his wing before tucking the feathers back into place against his sides. Parties had never been his thing... That was more his sister's area. But, now, here he was, putting himself out of his comfort zone...

And he hated it.

Well, at least he got food. It was nice to not listen to his stomach grumble and complain for the first time since the portal spit him out into this odd land.

With a sigh, he tipped his gaze to the stars above, the firelight around him flickering against his light dappled coat. He could feel the warmth of the flames dancing with the chill of the evening breeze and it caused a shiver to run down his spine.

He had managed to have lingering conversations here and there, but there was only one other at the party that he actually knew; and as much as he wanted nothing more but to cling by her side and be her own little shadow, he knew that was nothing less than annoying. So, he found himself shuffling away, putting himself back by his place of food.

He was not sure how much time had passed, but his attention flickered as those around him started to move. The music had died down to a gentle hum, the chattering quiet now and the laughter not nearly as boisterous as before. Several equine had started to shuffle home. Gale was inclined to follow them, but he found his hooves unable to move quite yet.

What was stopping him? Anxiety, of course. Was it too early to leave? Was that rude? Did everyone around him think that it was odd that he was still standing here and not leaving? What was he looking at anyways?

His eyes darted to the ground as he found himself staring at someone unintentionally, their blue gaze bearing into him with a questioning look on their face. He felt his face warm as he turned away. Just as he was about to step off, his ears twitched at the sound of his name floating over the chatter.

"Kira?" He recognized that sing-songy voice. He could pick her out from a crowd. His attention turned to her as she slid up beside him, a smile always present on her face. Her warmth was enough to light his own smile, twitching at the corners of his lips.

"Never be sorry." He replied with a dip of his head, his neatly brushed forelock falling across his forehead. "Im well. The food is fantastic." A half lie, that would do.

"How are you? And what is going on? How did you find this place?" So many questions... always so many questions. He had his own theories, of course, but he would keep them to himself for now.
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RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Kira - 12-04-2020

Standing still, pointed toward the sun

She caught the way he’d been on the verge of shifting, the muscles beneath his dappled coat rippling with pre-emptive motion. Almost as though he’d been preparing to bolt, his plumage ruffled by the chatter and the drumbeats. Kira didn’t mind, however—if anything, she regretted only having possibly startled him further.

A warm smile lit up her expression as he spoke her name by way of greeting, and she beamed as she came to stand just a hair closer, her head bowed low to better hear him over the gentle beating of music. Her tail, unbound as it was, swayed freely at her hocks as she listened.

“I’m glad to hear it, Gale,” she answered warmly. “Although,” the young queen nodded indicatively toward the tray of food that he held, huffing a fond laugh. “They might have served rocks, at this point, and I still would have been happy to have something other than grass. They have excellent taste, however,” she praised, nowhere near accustomed to the possibility of saying we. They might have well been her people, but she would not dare lay credit to the bounties they had reaped. Not until she could help them herself—not until she could learn those rich, vivacious customs.

“I’m doing well,” she unwittingly echoed him, a sheepish smile to follow as her weight shifted upon her hooves. “This… is Atollon—they’re celebrating the coronation of their new leader,” Kira paused, wetting her lips with a beat of uncertainty, and she huffed a short laugh before pointing toward the water with her nose. “I had a dream of the sea. It called me here, almost—I couldn’t resist.” She looked back to him, smiling as she shrugged. “Revan and I crossed the water, and we found… this. It's beautiful here. It's something I've never known before.”

Not quite the festivities or the party goers, but rather a land full of life and opportunity. And bounties that she desperately wished to share with the world.

“You told me, once,” she added, speaking up over the ongoing music. “That you thought the mist might part if we… earned it—that we might find new places that way. Do you still believe that?”


RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Galahad - 12-12-2020

The young stallion offered a soft chuckle at her response- he could certainly agree with her sentiments. His favorites had always been fruits and berries, though, and this new land seemed to have quite the abundance of those. "For what it's worth, I'm glad it isnt rocks." He replied softly, a smile picking at the edges of his lips. "But yes, they do."


That was the name of this soft, oceanside kingdom. A place of comfort and peace away from the wilds and unknown of the meadow or the shadowy ruins. His gaze shifted away from her as she spoke, though an ear trained on her words. It flitted over each and every equine and the beach among them. If he listened carefully enough, he could hear the water lapping at the shore.

Yes, peaceful was certainly the right word.

But his attention was pulled back quickly as she spoke of his words from long ago - or, what felt like long ago. If Gale was being honest, days were difficult to track when one was a mere wanderer.

With a tip of his head, he turned back towards her with lips pressed together in brief thought. "I'm more surprised that you remembered my musings." He admitted with a slight dip of his head, strands of his forelock falling from its tie and tickling the bridge of his nose.

"But, yes, Kira, I do believe that is still true." His words were still kind, but serious, an odd take for the bird who would stumble over words longer than a sentence or two. "I have yet to meet anyone else here worthy of finding a place such as this. It came to you in a dream?" He lifted his head, motioning with his wings for emphasis.

"It is obvious this land was calling to you, and was formed from... something within in you, even if you didnt know it." Typically such conspiracy would have him stuttering by now, words tumbling from his mouth as he worried that what he was saying was wrong- idiotic, even.

But Kira had faith in him; she made him feel confident.

"I dont know why it chose you, but I do know that I couldnt think of anyone better if I tried." And she would know by now, his mind had already been reeling with possibilities.

"You said they were celebrating their new leader?" He had to admit, it was nice to see there were locals here, and the portal had not dumped him and many others into a deserted land with nowhere to go. "You mean you, right?"
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RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Kira - 12-19-2020

Standing still, pointed toward the sun

Her surprise that he thought her so mindless in regards to their last conversation equated with his own, and Kira offered him a gentle smile, dismissing the notion that she might’ve brushed aside his theories so easily. No, they had stuck with her through the too-short months; tolling like a bell within the back of her mind each time she breathed in the air of a new land. His musings, however unfounded they might’ve been, were surely grander speculations than anything she had been able to think up alone.

And Kira was willing to entertain any possibility, no matter how outlandish.

“A dream,” she echoed gently. “I’m not sure I could possibly be worth anything this perfect, though,” the young queen admitted, her shoulders sinking beneath the weightless burden of that question. If worth were truly the underlying variable, then she could only beg the question of why? Of how?

But her gentle smile remained, however sheepish and soft it might’ve turned as she listened to him, the steady thrum of his words accompanied by the gentle din of the drums and the pitter-pattering of her heart. She could feel every beat within her ribs; every hum of music flushing through her veins, breathing new life into the dunes she’d been made from.

“I’ve dreamed of oceans since I was a girl. But I didn’t grow up in a place like this. Whatever something it might’ve come from…” she huffed a gentle laugh as she glanced at him. “It was a kid’s wish, I think. This is all I ever wanted.”

But it wasn’t hers, she knew. It was Atollon’s; the people that had been forged when the mists had unfurled. The land belonged wholly to itself, and Kira–

“If it saw something worthwhile in my dreams, then I only want to live up to its expectations.” She inhaled deeply.

And yet, somehow, she was naively surprised at how simply he spoke her title aloud–how seamlessly he called out the news that had no doubt spread through the locals in idle banter, in chatter, in respect and reverence.

And, Maker, she didn’t deserve it.

The flush of warmth that heated her cheeks was youthful, and Kira glanced toward her friend with a timid smile, her shoulders lifting.

“It’s hard to think of myself as a leader,” she confessed, looking back out toward the party goers, her nostrils flaring to the rich scent of food, her eyes dilating to the sight of flickering firelight and laughing faces. “I just want to be what they expect of me. Whatever that might be.”

Kira paused, wetting her lips slightly before she looked back to Galahad.

“I’m glad you’re here, Gale,” she admitted. “It’s reassuring to see a familiar face when this world keeps changing.”


RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Galahad - 01-02-2021

The young stallion listened to her carefully as she spoke, a small smile on his lips and wings relaxed at his sides. It was now that he felt at peace; a friend at his side and the steady drum of music to his back. It was loud enough to beat against his ribs, but not so much so that he could not find himself immersed in the conversation.

All of this, was something that could only come from dreams. The ever changing mists and strange lands. The lack of anyone who knew where they were and how they got there... Anxiety inducing, but exciting, all the same.

A small laugh found its way from his throat as he shook his head in response to her musings, his hair dancing among his neck as it found an excuse to fall from its tie.

"Nothing is perfect." He replied, touching her shoulder softly with his wing for a mere moment, in comfort, he hoped.

Taking a breath, he pressed his wings back to his sides. "When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fish." He said, pulling his gaze away from her as the memory flooded his mind. "So, we are lucky that it chose your inner child's wish than mine; otherwise, we would be waterlogged."

He looked back to her as she did so to him, though, and let out a soft sigh. Expectations, yes, something he was certainly not jealous of. He had grown under the crushing weight of his own father's expectations, and he could not imagine bearing that of one's citizens. Especially locals, who knew the land better than any of them could dream to.

But for now, he turned to look across the crowd once more. Though it was dwindling, the locals were still mulling about. They seemed happy. Pleased to have someone to take care of their land.

Im happy to be here." He assured her, turning back to her with a warm smile. "And I will always be here; dont hesitate to find me if you need... anything." His wings shuffled at his sides at the sentiment.

He was not sure how he could help, but he was never lacking in try.

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RE: Comfort laying in the undertow; - Kira - 01-10-2021

Standing still, pointed toward the sun

The touch that his silvery feathers brushed against her shoulder was more comforting than he might have realized, and Kira passed him a soft, appreciative smile as she met his gaze. It reminded her, if only for a heartbeat, of Farren—of the precious friend that she had left behind in her endeavors to find Revan. A quest that she would not change for the world, she knew, but…

But there were rare moments, such as this, where she did miss the ones she’d left behind. And there were nights where she dreamed of them, their visions a light against her closed eyes and their words just as much a profound condolence as Gale’s now were.

And then, impossibly, Kira was laughing aloud as he shared his childhood dreams with her. She grinned at him brightly, as amused with the thought as she was delighted with the creativity of it. There was not a drop of judgment in her hazel eyes.

I wanted to be a bird,” she confessed, her nose wrinkling as she conspiratorially whispered the statement, just loud enough to be heard above dwindling ruckus of song. “But I’m happy with where we ended up.”

Flicking her tail slightly, a pleased sigh left her as she settled more comfortably into her own skin—as she rocked back onto her heels and assured herself, for the first time that night, that it all might truly be okay.

She looked back to him as he spoke, her features awash with earnest interest, and her brow softened with gratitude as she dipped her head.

“Thank you,” she answered. “I mean it. And if there’s ever anything that I can do for you… you only have to ask.”