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[MV] Never Sleep Again || Final Round - Staff - 11-21-2020

The Return
The skeleton horses pursue their goals but in the end, none of them are successful in the tasks that had been placed before them. The trio, hidden in the coral cavern, could not save the mantis shrimp from the hungry jaws of the barracuda ─ and were, in fact, sabotaged by one of their very own. The duo, riding through the currents and finally deposited in the midst of a lava lake, failed to rescue themselves despite the floating land masses placed just within reach.

Uncharted sighs morosely at such a failure.

This unseen power, the creator of the runes upon Gonnoth's monoliths and the humming vibration that had meant only to guide them, allows the explorers to succumb to their downfall:

The duo, @Avallac'h and @Hälla, fall into the fiery pit as their isle disappears beneath skeleton hooves.

@Azazel and @ Az'ira are overrun by barracudas who have come to investigate the tumult in their waters. The saboteur, @ Arakses, faces the retaliation of the mantis shrimp colony ─ and while they are small singularly, they are mighty together. Known for their predatory punch, the crustaceans scurry up the legs of the woman and, overcome her skeletal frame, and show her their relentless outrage with their fists.

Countless days pass before the skeletal equine are released from the hellish grasp of Uncharted's unseen power. When they are deposited again, it is by the monoliths of Gonnoth. Rain pours from the sky, drenching the collection of creatures below it. The humming has stopped. Aside from the rain, the world is eerily silent.

Additional Information!
Characters must respond to this prompt before Saturday, November 27th.

Posts should describe your characters in the scenario above. Posts should end with the participants standing in Gonnoth.

One post per character. Rewards will be revealed at the completion of this round.

RE: [MV] Never Sleep Again || Final Round - Arakses - 11-24-2020

Hooves collided into the sandstone, and with each strike, she felt the stone chip away. Perhaps it was her own adrenaline, but Arakses could have sworn she felt the hum grow with each kick. She’d thought that this was the path. That the barracuda and the mantis shrimp’s unfortunate danse macabre was a distraction against the unknown forces at work in the cavern, but wouldn’t you know she wasn’t adept at interpreting the situation outside of her own closed view.

With a final kick, she felt the enormous shrimp skitter along her exposed ossein. At first, she paid no mind to it - simply inconsequential insects fleeing from predators however they could. Here and there one would punch in retaliation - surprisingly, she felt the minuscule pummel, the dull twang of their arms despite her current state. Her lips twisted in a smirk, impressed with the shrimps’ vigor and desire to dight back against anything deemed a predator. Though the shrimp continued to scurry over her. She could feel them slip twixt her ribs (truly an odd sensation), skitter up the long curve of her neck vertebrae, even crawl along her lumbar. The few punches became many until ultimately, the unseen smirk faded.

Sure, one minor wound meant nothing, but she’d witnessed death by a million cuts - though she supposed a million tiny punches better suited the current predicament. Instinctively her body recoiled and tried to shy away from the worst of them, where the concentrated onslaught caused greater physical pain than she’d anticipated. While her tempers flared, Arakses’ practical mind couldn’t blame them. Like any cornered animal, the only option left was to fight. Perhaps she should not have been so desperate to seek out the enigmatic humming after all…

Arakses bucked, reared, shook, then began throwing herself against the sandstone pillar to rid herself of the crustaceans. Yet, no matter how many she dislodged more seemed to replace them. No matter how many she crushed against the monolith, dozens more crawled from shadowed corners of the cavern to join in on the assault. How many could there be? Surely, there was a finite amount… So she kept fighting, kept retaliating back, for an undetermined amount of time.

Beneath the waters, it was nigh impossible to track time. What felt like hours were simply minutes. Still, it drug on. Arakses’ bucks paled to hops. Each time she threw herself to the monolith she remained, using it as a crutch to support her in the struggle. Every inch of her crawled and skittered. Had she pelt and flesh, surely she’d be goose-pimpled. The pain was still a dull one, but dull pains were perhaps some of the most uncomfortable. There was no escaping the throb, and it turned everything sour. Even the bioluminescence in the cavern seemed ominous rather than inspiring.

Days… an unknown number of them passed by. Unknown, eternal days of pain. Arakses’ fight withered. The fiery defiance she’d previously harnessed flickered until the embers snuffed out, leaving only a ribbon of smoke. Though she was a skeleton, her body ached, felt heavy, and she wondered couldn’t help but consider that perhaps, after all, they had died…

Though only smoke remained, Arakses’ fight never ceased. Far less impressive and effective, she still rose a hoof then let the weight of it slam it back to the cavern floor. She’d use her fatigue to lose her balance, only to scramble and throw herself back onto her four hooves in hopes that the shrimp would also be toppled and fall. She felt bruised, could feel her body groaning beneath the powerful, tiny attacks of the crustaceans. By the Fountain, she just wanted it to stop…

Suddenly, it did.

The hum had been a present, constant reminder of her failure; the sole audience member to her own torture. It never disappeared, never wavered, until it did. Ceasing entirely, the undersea world blurred and melted together. The carapaces of the shrimp fell from their bodies as they withered and disappeared. Beneath her, the sandy floors of the cavern disappeared and she used what little might she had left to peddle desperately away from what she expected was a void. Then, as quickly as it had before, everything changed. In fact, it was under the guise of a blink.

When her lids - actual eyelids - opened again she was back in Gonnoth, standing before the dark monolithic stones. There was a constant hiss, but this time of rain. She felt it patter along her aching back and shoulders, run cool along her throbbing ribs. A shuddered breath escaped her, spattering droplets of crystalline rainwater as her dark eyes glanced dumbly around. Where they back? Or was it simply another illusion?

"They speak." They think.

RE: [MV] Never Sleep Again || Final Round - Azazel - 11-27-2020

Azazel would never have guessed what the outcome of their actions would be. Or rather, what the consequences of their actions would be. Despite her and Remi’s best efforts, they hadn’t been able to ward off the barracudas, and instead more had come to investigate the disturbance. And what had appeared to be an effort to get to the bottom of the mystery that surrounded them by the other mare ended badly, too. In destroying the shrimps’ home, they unleashed their wrath upon them. Skeletal or not, the equines felt pain, and quite the amount of pain there was. Aza didn’t know how long she, Remi, and the other two mares were held captive, but she surmised it had to be some days at the very least.

She had never known such pain, so much so that she had barely the energy to lift her bony head. Remi wasn’t faring much better, nor did it seem the other two were either. The warrior mare, Arakses, faced the wrath of the shrimp, and though they were tiny, it would seem they were not a foe to be taken lightly en masse. When finally something happened, the currents of magic running through the land swept them up, depositing them back where it all started. Gonnoth’s monoliths. Rain was pouring from the sky, as though mourning their failure, and Aza couldn’t help the soft cry of relief as she crumpled to the muddy earth, lids closing over eyes in relief, tears mixing with the raindrops.

Remi was just as relieved, if nothing else because he hated seeing his soul partner suffer in such a way as they all had. He remained close to his charge, nuzzling her comfortingly now and again, even though he himself swayed on weary paws and all he wanted to do was sleep. Looking around, Azazel finally dragged herself to her hooves, driven by the last dredges of energy and the desire to get far, far away from this place. And yet something held her back. A desire perhaps to know what this meant for her, for the others who had been involved in this?

Remi looked over at her, and then at the others nearby. “Is it…over?” The mountain lion asked, voice raspy from disuse, and from the sheer amount of growling and snarling he’d been doing in protest.

"Remiel speaks for Azazel." Remiel thinks.
"Azazel speaks." Azazel thinks.

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RE: [MV] Never Sleep Again || Final Round - Staff - 12-01-2020

The Return
Only two successfully return to Gonnoth, having appeased whatever higher power had decided to torture them. They are wounded, but alive. And perhaps that is all the could ask for. Rain continues to fall around them, washing away blood and sweat and leaving their flesh anew.

Additional Information!
@ Arakses and @Azazel have successfully completed their Quest! Both have received a Reserved Parking item for their success. Additionally, they have both received Water Talismans and an additional 500 Gems.

@ Az'ira has been cursed with a Temporary Companion Animal. This companion, a massive Mantis Shrimp, will follow her ─ floating in the air as if floating in water ─ for the next month and punch her at the most inopportune times. When the seasons change, Az'ira will get to choose if she would like to keep this companion animal (albeit a nicer version), or bid him adieu. Additionally, she has received 300 Gems.

@Hälla and @Avallac'h have been cursed with Spontaneous Combustion. For the next month, they will find themselves growing hotter and hotter until finally their skin painfully alights. The flames will last a few minutes time and, upon dying down, the pair will remain unscathed. When the seasons change, the pair will get to choose if they would like to keep this sorcery and mold it into something less painful and more useful. Additionally, they have received 300 Gems.