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Change Log - Staff - 01-01-2021

Change Log: 1/1/21

Happy New Year! Thank you all for continuing to make Uncharted a welcoming, interactive community. The Squad appreciates you all more than you know. We have been reviewing the Feedback document that has been available for comments over the last month or so, and have been working on some updates for you!

General Updates
  • Achievement Icons: Previously, a donation totaling 10% of an Unlockable would grant an Achievement icon to that character. Going forward, this donation amount has been set at a universal 1,000 Gems across all Unlockables regardless of the amount required to unlock them.

  • OTY Nominations & Voting: Previously, players were able to nominate and vote for their own characters for Of The Year categories. Going forward, this will no longer be allowed in hopes of encouraging players to help others and their writing feel more appreciated.

  • Discovery Prompts: Discovery prompts will now entail more optional fields and fewer required fields in hopes that it will encourage more players to try their hand at discovery.

  • Random Events: New random event prompts are now available in the common lands. Players are encouraged to DM the Squad with any random event prompts they would like to see added.

  • Mythical Companions: These are now unlocked! Stipulations can be found on the new Achieved Unlockables Wiki page. See below for more information.

  • New Unlockables: Within the coming days, the new Unlockables that have been posted will be fleshed out and then become available for donations. Tangi will announce when they are ready. As always, the Squad is open to any Unlockable suggestions you may have!

  • Sorcery & Telekinesis: These Wiki pages have been updated with suggestions regarding the strength of a character's Sorcery (ie. Sorcery being weaker for foals than grown characters) and the choice of whether or not a character has the previously "mandatory" mild telekinesis, respectively.

  • Uncharted Wiki

    Some of the feedback received was that Uncharted had grown too big for the Compendium we were using, and the Squad agreed! The Compendium has now become the Uncharted Wiki. While every page in the Wiki has been fleshed out to contain more detail and should be reviewed in time, the most notable new pages are as follows:

  • How to Join - This contains general information on how to create accounts and link them together.

  • A Beginner's Guide - This contains information imperative to joining Uncharted, including profile requirements!

  • Discovered Lands - Home of the map! This page also contains descriptions of all of Uncharted's discovered lands, whether or not they are still in existence.

  • Active Kingdoms - A section that houses individual pages for each active kingdom containing a census and post information.

  • Achieved Unlockables - An in-depth listing of the game aspects that have been Unlocked, along with stipulations and any additional required information.

  • Species & Companions - Information regarding the species and companion types that are currently available on Uncharted.

  • Records - A section that contains records of Uncharted's growth! These include death and birth records, as well as the new Renowned Characters.

  • The Uncharted Wiki can be found via the same icon that was previously the Compendium.

    Rule Changes

    Previously, Kingdom leaders had no ability to guard their kingdom from being overtaken if they failed to meet the activity requirements. The Squad is discussing potential options for the current Kingdom leader to have a one-time rebuttal that could assist, though not guarantee, the ability to retain their Kingdom.

    Additionally, a rule has been added that Kingdom leaders are exempt from being overthrown if they have posted an official Away message, with a guaranteed return date, in the Uncharted Discord. This only applies for the first 2 weeks that the player is away.

    Previously, we had decided to test out a system that required an additional 50 posts for each land discovered before the next could be opened for player use. Going forward, we are reverting to the initial system that only requires 100 posts per newly discovered board.


    Over the next few days, two contests will open for player participation! These contests will run concurrently. Be on the lookout for an Advertising Contest and a Market Items Contest in the very near future.

    RE: Change Log - Staff - 01-17-2021

    Change Log: 1/17/21

    Please find new rule changes regarding Kingdoms listed below. These updates will be added to the Uncharted Wiki within the next 24 hours.

    Rule Changes: Kingdoms

    Activity Levels:
    Previously, Kingdom leaders were required to post in character, in their land, at least two (2) times for every two weeks, equaling four (4) times per season (a calendar month), with two posts being between the 1st and the 15th, and two posts being between the 16th and the end of the month.
    Going forward, requirements for posting frequency remain the same, but only one (1) post per activity period (where an 'activity period' is defined as the 1st through 15th of a month or the 16th through the end of the month) is required to be in that ruler's kingdom. This means that the 2nd post for that activity period may be outside of that character's kingdom if they so choose, as long as it still meets all other post requirements.

    Takeover Attempts:
    Previously, Kingdom leaders had no ability to guard their kingdom from being overtaken if they failed to meet the activity requirements.

    Going forward, Kingdom leaders will have some protection against takeover attempts.
    In the activity period where the leader failed to meet activity requirements, if they:
  • did not post at all: their kingdom is entirely vulnerable and open for takeover.
  • posted once in that activity period: the system below will come into effect.
    In the event a takeover attempt is posted due to a kingdom leader's inactivity, the current kingdom leader will have 72 hours to respond, in character, to the takeover attempt, assuming they have met the above requirement. The speed with which they respond will determine the likelihood that they are able to retain their kingdom.
    Utilizing a 1d6 dice roll, the following rubric stands:
  • Responding to the takeover attempt within 24 hours will allow the current ruler to retain their kingdom if the dice roll provides them a result of 1 through 4.
  • Responding within 48 hours will allow the ruler to retain their kingdom if the dice roll results in a number 1 through 3.
  • Responding within the 72 hour limit will allow the ruler to retain their kingdom if the dice roll results in a 1 or 2.
    If, at any time during a ruler's reign they are met with a second takeover attempt due to their failure to meet the activity requirements, they are only given a 1 in 6 chance at retaining their kingdom for the duration of the 72 hour rebuttal window, where rolling a 1 is required to succeed.
    If, at any time during a ruler's reign they are met with a third takeover attempt due to their failure to meet the activity requirements, the ruler is not given any protection and the takeover attempt stands.

    Disclaimer: Although this will always remain a viable way to stage a takeover of a kingdom, it should be noted that, upon the Unlocking of Challenges, Challenges will also serve as a means to claim a throne, and that sovereign activity and this system may not guarantee your retention of a kingdom.

    RE: Change Log - Rayoflight - 02-01-2021

    Change Log: 2/1/21

    Please find a slight change to our enroll boards and our account maintenance boards below.

    Account Maintenance

    Requesting Maintenace
    Previously, we ran this system by allowing users to reply to one thread for all of their general needs. This included username changes, account deletions, thread archivals, companion approval, etc. Our Account Maintenance thread has been reworked for staff convenience and organization, and you can find the overhaul here

    All threads are visible only by the account they were posted by, and we ask that a new thread be posted for every request that is made. Staff will reply in turn and mark the maintenance as resolved. Please use the templates provided.

    The Enroll Board
    Similarly, the Enroll Board threads, with the exception of accepted OOC accounts, are now visible only by the account they were posted on. This is to improve admin ability to respond to character applications anonymously, and to help everyone get their characters accepted without posting public replies - as well as to improve our organizational abilities and our capability to help each of you as quickly as we can!