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Pixie Dust and Fairy Lights - Phoenix - 04-27-2021

"What the fuck, man!" Phoenix shouted, his ears pinned and jaw bleeding. He had been punched by a drunkard who was wanting to pick a fight. A fight that the drunken fuck would lose. Hands down. The man grunted, showing his pearly whites as saliva built up in his mouth. He swung again, a hoof cracking against Phoenix's jaw once more, sending him stumbling backward. The feathered boy shook his head, blood splattering against the cobblestone beneath their hooves. He tried his hardest to not fight back, not wanting to grant the drunken man the satisfaction of a fight. But it was increasingly becoming more difficult. He wanted to throw his own punch, knowing that it would knock the man flat on his backend.

Hooves clicking backward and a high toss of his cranium, Phoenix narrowly dodged another blow to the face. His temper raised, soon boiling over. He flashed his blood-stained teeth and then charged forward. His body slammed into the drunken man's body, both of them tumbling to the ground with loud grunts. He threw a punch, feeling his hoof connect with the jaw of his aggressor, a crack filling both of their ears. A cry soon followed, but Phoenix ignored it. The man attempted to roll them both so he could get the upper hand, but instead, he ended up pushing Phoenix off of him. Both of the men stood up, hooves clicking more as they steadied themselves among the cobblestone. Once steady, they both slammed into each other once again, this time throwing themselves into a bar.

Falling backward into the door, the feathered stallion landed on grass instead of hardwood. "What the--?!" He quickly rolled and stood up, looking around at the sudden change of scenery. "A meadow?" He twisted and twirled, bright yellow eyes taking in everything. A zapping sound came from behind him and Pax rolled across the dying grass. Phoenix had just caught the tail end of Pax being spat into the unknown, chuckling quietly at the poor eagle's distraught expression for he knew his face looked exactly the same. When the eagle finally stood on his feet, he also looked around in stunned confusion.

Both boys didn't speak to one another, knowing already what the other was thinking. Pax took flight and landed between Phoenix's shoulderblades when the stallion began walking. His mouth was still bleeding and he was missing a chunk of feathers on his left shoulder, also bleeding from the scrape he had gotten. "I hope he enjoys a mouthful of feathers..." he mumbled, causing the bird to laugh.

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